Got questions about the event and how things will work? Check below before firing off an email to us.

1. What is Human Trafficking?

Basically, it’s the buying & selling of humans (mainly women & children) primarily for the purposes of sexual exploitation or cheap labour.

2. Sounds like a sweet cause, how can I support this event?

  1. enter a 4-piece Rock Band™ group to play the game (get form)
  2. fundraise for the cause (get form)
  3. come out to watch and have fun
  4. spread the word and bring all your friends
  5. donate prizes

3. Who can compete?

4-piece Rock Band™ groups OF ALL AGES made up of friends from school, family, sports teammates or co-workers from businesses and organizations. We don’t care who you get or who you are, just enter!

4. Is this for fun or is it serious gamers only?

The point is to raise awareness and funds and have fun doing it! Some groups will be really good at playing the video game, get high scores and be playing for the prizes, others will just be playing to have fun. Enter your band at a level according to your skill (easy, medium, hard, expert).

5. I don’t get the $60 minimum for band entrance fee.

Traffic Jam is a fundraiser so $60 is the minimum you can pay to enter your Rock Band™ group. Pay the entrance fee out of your own pocket OR fundraise it. If fundraising it, shoot for more than $60 because the more coin you collect, the more we raise for the cause!

6. Can’t I just play Rock Band™ at home with my friends?

Sure, but you’re not changing the world while doing it NOR would it be as fun! Also, you wouldn’t get to listen to And Above All, Shattered Tone or Maticulous OR become more aware about Human Trafficking.

7. I have to pay to play?

Yes! It’s a fundraiser remember. Besides, it’s only $15 per person in the band and you could win some prizes. You’ll gladly fork out $15-20 (admission + popcorn & pop) to watch Iron Man or Indiana Jones so what are you whining about?

8. How does the playing work?

We will have 2 consoles there with all the instruments(not sure yet if PS2/3 or Xbox). You don’t need to bring any instruments. They will have all the songs unlocked (no downloaded songs – keeps it fair). You pick your song from the list and pick your level (all band members play the same level).

9. Where’s the $ that’s raised going to?

We are directing the funds to two organization who are already involved in helping victims of Human Trafficking – The Salvation Army in BC & Shared Hope International. The Salvation Army indicates they have a separate budget set aside to specifically deal with the issue of Human Trafficking and our funds will support that specific work they do.

Question still not answered? Fire us off an email at events@talkindonkey.com


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